Loan and credit for Allowance

This aid was created in 1984 for people who no longer have the right to unemployment insurance and who show a strong desire to find a job. It does not provide credit. Only the revolving credit is available, but with high risks and a high interest rate.

 The ASS is a Pôle Emploi allowance for those who are no longer entitled to AER.

Compare our best credit offers

Compare our best credit offers


Credit when one is at RSA brings additional information. Perhaps the easiest credit to obtain is revolving credit, which almost every major chain of stores and hypermarkets offers. It is a solution of last resort when one does not have means: the interest rates are very high, because of the important risks that the financial companies can have when they lend money to people who do not have nice salaries, with a CDI.

Other forms of credit are not distributed through the traditional banking circuit. It must be realistic, there is no bank that lends to an unemployed end of right, so imagine those who have more. Only a credit obtained from an individual can substitute for a bank, but only with someone who will fully trust you, as a close friend or family, will want to lend you money. It is impossible to find a nice financier willing to lend to a stranger, and moreover on the Internet, or all the private lenders who are there are nothing but scammers!

The state and many associations help recipients of benefits,

The state and many associations help recipients of benefits,


Find a job, or start their own business. This is the case of the ACCRE, which exempts the unemployed entrepreneur from payroll taxes, as well as the loans of honor from local initiative platforms. These are generally microcredit, small sums, but that will always be more interesting than the non-existent or almost nonexistent help of a hypothetical credit of the Employment Center.

If you are entitled to SSA, no CIF credit. CAF makes credits on a case-by-case basis, for situations that are often desperate, just like the credits of the CCAS. These are loans of money to equip a minimum household appliances, or even to pay for electricity. The situation of a recipient of the SSA is not so desperate: as long as it is not FICP, prohibited banking, it can still try to obtain a repurchase of credit to lighten its monthly payments of the various credits it would have made, or, as evoked, obtain a revolving credit. Again, before going through this type of credit, one must study all other possibilities, all state aids and associations. The aid will always be cheaper than these credits dedicated to consumption! The amount in 2018 is € 16.48 (daily fee). The duration of payment of the ASS is 6 months. The allowance is renewed if the person continues to meet the award criteria.

This device is very similar to the RSA, it supplements an insufficient income, one can thus cumulate the ASS with a job. The problem of social assistance is always in the criticism that is made to him: someone who does not work will touch as much as someone who works? To compensate for this, an activity bonus has been established to encourage the return to work. This bonus is there to offset the expenses related to the return to work: cost of transport, nursery to keep baby, etc. It should not that someone who works is poorer than before his new job! The term “employment” refers to a salaried activity of more than 78 hours per month.

Let’s say it right away, if in 2018 you do not work and have more than 1153.60 euros of monthly income living alone or more than 1812.80 euros living in a couple, you are not entitled to ASS.

The HSA was formerly increased by 6.60 euros per day if the recipient was over 55, and 20 years of paid work, or 10 years if he was 57 and a half years or older (or had 160 quarters of pension contribution ). This is no longer the case today, there is no more markup. From the legal retirement age, if the unemployed person is entitled to a full pension, he or she is no longer entitled to receive the SSA.

Namely: since 1 January 2017, people eligible for the disabled adult allowance (AAH) can no longer obtain the ASS.

Aid to the unemployed person creating or taking over a business) for one year, at full rate, from the date of creation or takeover of the enterprise. On the other hand, the CAF, the MSA and other similar organizations will reduce housing benefits. Many critics, denouncing a loss of resources since the beginning of the RSA. Understandably, SSA is a better allocation than the RSA for those lucky enough to receive it.

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SSA is an allowance for the unemployed who no longer have the right to unemployment insurance.

The specific solidarity allowance is a mechanism similar to the RSA, but more favorable. To obtain it, one must have worked in the past, and demonstrate a strong willingness to work again.

Reminder: no credit for a recipient of the ASS, unless risking a revolving credit, strongly discouraged. Only the help to create one’s own job is available, most often in the form of microcredit, as we saw in our article on ADIE.