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Alvin Cafe presents its evaluation of the latest real estate financial offers online banks featuring their characteristics, their advantages and points of caution to know. Find also the advice to choose your home loan.


Online mortgage provides from banks online

Online mortgage offers from banks online

Banks Lourdes, ENG Immediate, Goodboy Bank, FurtuneOne plus ShapeUp Bank all provide real estate loans within their financial institution offers. We have analyzed all of their offer to help you associated with right choice.


Mortgage loan, credit and loan: the benefits of an online bank

Home loan, credit and loan: the advantages of an online bank

Real-estate loans from online banking institutions have many advantages. First, dealing with your computer, at any time of night and day, with the necessary documents available, you can apply for funding within 30 minutes. Unlike traditional banking institutions that offer you, at best, an easy mortgage simulation from their internet site. For a request for financing, you may indeed have to set up a scheduled appointment with a specialized advisor in the traditional bank that will final about an hour and start the procedure again in different banks. An agent makes it possible to have a single interlocutor and not to disperse however requires an appointment and therefore some time.

The speed along with traditional banks is one of the large advantages of online banks within mortgage lending. In fact , you may receive an immediate policy reaction online. As a bonus, “no blah, ” as ENG Direct points out. Facts, the particular concrete and the appointment with all the commercial who drags upon, goes to the trap! After you have completed the online procedure, you will find a request for financing in PDF FILE format without having even produced an appointment. You can of course take the financing proposal plus subscribe your mortgage within the bank that will have supplied it, but you can also increase these applications for financing to use it as a schedule for discussion to contend with banks. line as conventional.

Note that online banks have ultra-competitive rates that have nothing in order to envy to those of actual banks. But to take benefit of these advantageous rates submit on their websites, it is great to dig a little provides and avoid some unpleasant impresses.


Online banking: take notice of the tempting offer for your real-estate loan

Online banking: pay attention to the tempting offer for your real estate loan

Of course , on the internet banks have good prices, but often it’s just good for one profile. To example the case of FurtuneOne which offers 1 . 71% associated with APR including warranty plus insurance fees but just for a 30-year-old borrower, having a fixed rate amortizing credit score of € 200, 500 over 15 years. It’s the same for ShapeUp Bank which usually proposes a fixed APR of just one. 72% but only for that loan of a duration of fifteen years of an amount of 200 500 euros. For other information, the rate may be much less appealing.

The sorts of projects financed and especially their particular amounts, also vary among banks. Thus, the amount lent from FurtuneOne should be within the range between € one hundred, 000 and € one, 000, 000 and at ENG Direct between € eighty, 000 and € one, 500, 000.

Check also the bank’s requirements for personal contribution. Therefore, Lourdes, which indicates in the offer “no minimum private contribution” specifies that you will have to finance the costs associated with notary and guarantee Cré dit Logement. ENG Immediate also specifies that your share of money will have to cover a minimum of the expenses of company and notary by adding that this personal contribution is “a criterion entering in the evaluation of your file” and recommends “to bring to the much less 10% of the amount of the house in addition to these costs inch.

When you go via an online bank to take advantage of a home loan, domiciliation of revenue is also a parameter to take into consideration. Lourdes Banque and ShapeUp Bank insist on the fact that there is absolutely no requirement for direct debiting associated with income, unlike ENG Immediate, which now imposes the particular domiciliation of revenues.

Also be careful concerning the fees because this aspect differs from one bank to another. In ENG Direct, the reservation fees are included. Yet at FurtuneOne, there is not really. Open your eyes, after that!

Finally, in order to be able to adjust the amount of maturities of your mortgage, know that most of online banks do not provide in their offer. Goodboy Financial institution, which has placed itself in this particular niche of ultra-personalized real estate property loans, proposes the modulation of loan maturities and also the early repayment or even the burglary monthly payments.

Furthermore, note that most online banking institutions can pay their mortgage cost-free by early repayment. This particular service is free of charge in ENG Direct, FurtuneOne, Lourdes or ShapeUp Bank, other than in case of redemption of your home mortgage by a competing financial institution.


How to benefit from the best price for your online mortgage?

online mortgage?

In an online bank such as a traditional bank, there are a few tips to be respected to see their mortgage file accepted on the best possible rate.

Prepare your credit report

Prepare your credit report

Make sure that your personal contribution and income are consistent with your real-estate project. Banks will choose you to raise 15% in order to 20% of the acquisition quantity in equity. The ability to lend must also be the subject of most your attention. In general, the particular banks will offer a financial debt level of 33% corresponding to 1 third of your income (less in case of low wages, a lot more in case of high salary) which corresponds to your home loan but additionally to all loans banking you will probably have elsewhere (consumer credit, auto loan, etc . ). If possible, pay out your consumer credit. Finally, emphasize your strengths (seniority together with your employer, serious profile with no discoveries, young age, additional revenue, etc . ).


Consider negotiating your home loan insurance policy

Think about negotiating your home loan insurance

Real estate loan insurance plan, if not mandatory, is nonetheless systematically requested by the financing banks. You will have to buy one yet do not forget that you are completely free of the choice and can therefore contend. Indeed, since the Loi Lagarde in 2010, you are not required to sign up for the insurance offered by the bank by which you borrow. So consider comparing the rates while offering of different actors to make a deal your mortgage insurance on the best rate.


Work out and buy back your home loan

Negotiate and buy back your mortgage

Do you think you have a mortgage with a rate that is way too high? You can take advantage of the current a low interest rate environment. The 5 online banks that offer real-estate loans also offer the buy of real estate loans. The chance may be to benefit from much better loan conditions. To find out in a short time, you can use online financing apps.

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