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Microsoft Bing abandons Yelp for Facebook reviews

The software giant is trading one review source for another ahead of its potential dominance in Australia. How often has an online search engine review influenced your shopping habits and nightlife? If you use Yelp to gauge whether a place is worth visiting or not, you might be disappointed to learn that Microsoft Bing is […]

Microsoft bing

Microsoft Bing will soon use AI to correct your typos

The tech giant will use machine learning to guess what you tried to type. Getting the wrong word in a single word in a search query can turn a productive use of your time into a mess of irrelevant results. Microsoft aims to address this problem by introducing Speller100, an AI-based spell checker for Bing. […]


The 4 Google alternatives: Bing, Yahoo !, DuckDuckGo and Ecosia

Yahoo! If you can remember the Internet before the domination of Google, you are probably familiar with Yahoo! was once a real contender in the search engine game. Nowadays, in Australia at least, it is a joint venture with Seven Network and a strange web destination. Its search functionality is based on Bing. Yahoo seemed […]

Microsoft bing

Microsoft Bing aims to capitalize on vacuum if Google leaves Australia

As Google faces a bill that would force the tech giant to pay Australian news sites or leave the territory, Microsoft Bing is ready to take advantage of the vacuum if Google is to leave the Australian market. Google’s loss could be Bing’s gain The competition between Microsoft Bing and Alphabet’s Google Search has never […]

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Is Microsoft’s Bing about to get a revamp thanks to Google Search’s Australian spat?

Brad Smith (Microsoft) Credit: Microsoft Microsoft President Brad Smith said the company wants to increase investment in its Bing search offering to make it “comparable” to competitors. The comments, described in a blog post published on February 3, come as the Australian government steps up efforts to introduce new legislation requiring Google to pay for […]

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Microsoft’s Bing gears up to pounce on Australia

Amid Google’s disputes with Australia, Microsoft chairman Brad Smith said his company “would never make such a threat” to exit the market. Microsoft has given its support to the Australian media code which shocked Google. In recent weeks, Google has threatened to withdraw services in Australia due to a new media law that would require […]

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Bing may replace Google in Australia, promises it “gets better”

Microsoft has made an ambitious bet to replace Google in Australia, promising that its Bing search engine will be improved and offering companies a lucrative incentive to switch advertising. Microsoft has also given big approval to the federal government’s news media trading code, breaking with other big tech giants by saying Bing would be happy […]

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Prime Minister of Australia has started preparing for Microsoft Bing as Google seeks to release search engine

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has revealed he has spoken to Google’s arch nemesis Microsoft and said the company is confident Bing could fill the void in Australia if Google withdraws its search service there. Google as well as Facebook have been in a quarrel continues with the Australian government on new media payment laws. […]

Microsoft bing

Google’s Australian drama could be a boon to Microsoft’s Bing search engine

With Google threatening in January to pull its popular search services out of Australia if it were forced to financially compensate the media for using the content of their sites themselves, speculation about the future of online search Australia have intensified considerably. Seeing an opportunity, Microsoft’s Satya Nadella has already reached out to Australian Prime […]

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Google’s Australian exit could force Microsoft’s Bing to take advantage: Scott Morrison

“We want to make sure that our laws keep pace so that journalists can do their jobs, not only in taxpayer funded organizations, but also in commercial organizations,” he said. Bing represents 3.6% of the market in Australia, against 94% of market share for Google. The escalation between the government and tech giants came as […]