Verizon media failure ended as company considers sale of AOL / Yahoo

of buzz and stumble department In 2014, Verizon decided to enter the media business. So she launched a website called “Sugarstring”. It didn’t go very well. The website immediately drew attention to the fact that Verizon informed new reporter hires that they couldn’t write about surveillance or net neutrality, two topics Verizon is intimately involved […]


Verizon tries to sell Yahoo and AOL after spending $ 9 billion on fallen giants

Enlarge / Yahoo logo at the CES 2014 International Conference in Las Vegas. Getty Images | Ethan Miller Verizon is reportedly ready to ditch Yahoo and AOL after spending a total of $ 9 billion on once-dominant internet brands that fell in importance years before Verizon bought them. “Verizon is considering sale of assets including […]

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Refer friends to Microsoft Bing and earn 6,000 reward points today!

Microsoft launched a new referral program, allowing people to earn up to 6,000 Microsoft Rewards points for recommending their friends to use Microsoft Bing Search. Refer friends to Microsoft Bing and earn rewards Microsoft Rewards currently only available in US, UK, France, Germany, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Republic of Ireland, Brazil, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, […]

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Microsoft Bing gets a new design and additional features on Android

Microsoft released an update for Bing on Android that revitalizes the app’s interface and brings new features to the search engine. The changes include a new home page with personalized information and visual search tools. Bing’s home screen now has a feed that features top news and topics of interest with suggested content based on […]

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Delhi HC asks Google and Microsoft Bing to deindex stolen images of Indian woman

The Delhi High Court on Tuesday ordered internet search engines such as Google, Yahoo Search, Microsoft Bing and DuckDuckGo to globally remove and de-index an offensive image of an Indian woman whose photo was stolen from her Facebook and Instagram accounts and posted on a pornographic site. . Failure to comply by search engines would […]

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Microsoft Bing Search on Android gets a new look and new tips in the latest update

Source: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central The Microsoft Bing Search app on Android has a new look that emphasizes that it’s not just about searching the web. Microsoft has been trying to convince people that its Bing app goes beyond search for some time, but the app’s update experience goes even further. The app now […]


Baidu partners with Logitech to create voice-activated mouse

April 19, 2021 at 8:00 a.m. Baidu is working with Logitech to launch a voice-activated mouse as part of a long-term partnership with Chinese tech giant Baidu Brain’s AI platform. This is the first collaboration of its kind between Baidu’s open AI technology and a Western company like Logitech, headquartered in California and Switzerland, and […]

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Microsoft’s Bing deleted 125 million “pirate” URLs last year * TorrentFreak

Home > Anti-piracy > DMCA > Bing has a relatively small market share, but that doesn’t mean copyright holders are ignoring it. In response to DMCA takedown requests, over 125 million links were removed from the search engine last year. While this is a significant number, removal requests have actually been cut in half over […]


Top 5 Ways to Get Rid of Yahoo Search Redirection Error on Mac

Last week, a few GT members got infected with Yahoo Search Redirection Virus on Mac. Technically, it’s not a virus but a browser hijacker that takes control of your browser’s search engine by default. No matter what you try, you will end up using the Yahoo search engine on Safari, Chrome, or Firefox. If you’re […]


Yahoo Answers will be permanently closed on May 4

Yahoo Answers, one of the oldest and most well-known web-based question-and-answer platforms in Internet history, will close on May 4. This is the day when the Yahoo Answers website will begin redirecting to the Yahoo homepage, and all archives on the platform will apparently cease to exist. The platform has been operating since 2005, and […]