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Windows 10 now harasses users with Microsoft Bing alerts – OSnews

Home > the Windows > Windows 10 now harasses users with Microsoft Bing alerts Thom holwerda 2021-05-31 the Windows A new update brought Microsoft’s recommendation for Bing and Chromium Edge back to Windows 10. After Microsoft Edge 91, Windows 10 has now started showing a pop-up message that appears through Windows 10’s built-in notification center. […]

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Is Microsoft Edge Even Better Than Google Chrome?

Google’s Chrome is arguably the most popular browser on mobile and desktop. But Google’s grip on the internet and user fears of sophisticated online tracking have led many to seek alternatives, and Microsoft’s Edge browser is one of the main substitutes. While its growth may be tied to Microsoft’s heavily promoting Edge to Windows 10 […]


Baidu Launches Updated AI Framework and R&D Initiative

At Wave Summit, Baidu’s biannual deep learning conference, the company announced version 2.1 of PaddlePaddle, its framework for developing AI and machine learning models. Highlights include a large-scale graphical query engine; four pre-trained models; and PaddleFlow, a cloud-based machine learning development toolset including APIs and a software development kit (SDK). Baidu also unveiled what it […]


Will we ever see Yahoo Answers again?

Yahoo was a pioneer of the early Internet age. Evolving from a directory of human-edited websites, Yahoo in 1995 launched its first search engine – Yahoo Search. In the year 2000, it was the most popular site in the world. Yahoo Search has opened up the Internet to millions of people. It was a simple […]


Quit Yahoo? Here’s how to delete a Yahoo email account

Planning to say goodbye to Yahoo and switch to a different email address? Here is a step by step on how to delete your Yahoo. Once a pioneer of the Internet, Yahoo‘s messaging platform gained immense popularity after its launch in 1997. However, due to numerous security incidents and fierce competition, Yahoo’s fame has now […]

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Google Chrome most popular browser with 3 billion users – Microsoft Edge lags behind

A new browser market share report has revealed that Google Chrome is by far the most popular browser, with over three billion internet users using the Chromium browser. According to a recent Atlas VPN report (via TechRadar), there are a whopping 3,258,256,887 internet users worldwide using Chrome, with all other browsers including Apple’s Safari, Mozilla […]

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Microsoft Edge gains speed and leaves Google Chrome in the dust

Microsoft announced in Build 2021 that its Edge browser is getting a serious performance boost that will make it the “best performing browser on Windows 10” when version 91 arrives later this week. The company cited two reasons why Edge is a faster browser than Chrome or Firefox. It supposedly comes down to speeding up […]


Baidu to Operate 3,000 Driverless Apollo Go Robots in 30 Cities in 3 Years

Chinese search engine giant Baidu on Sunday May 2 began offering the first trips to business customers in its autonomous robotic axis. Known as Apollo go, the service has been open to the public as a pilot since last October, but on May 2 was the first time that drivers had to pay to benefit […]


How to remove Yahoo as the default search engine from Firefox

Screenshots by Matt Elliott / CNET Mozilla abandons Google in favor of Yahoo As the default search engine for Firefox in the United States. If you’re having fun using the previous default Google search in Firefox, you’ll need to dig deep into the settings and undo them. And while tinkering with Firefox’s search settings, there […]

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Google Chrome’s New Feature Will Improve Web Application Productivity

Microsoft and Google are both working on new features to improve the experience of web apps on Windows 10 and other desktop platforms. For those who don’t know, PWAs or web apps are web pages that can be installed as native apps with support for offline viewing, push notifications, smooth scrolling, and more. PWAs are […]