Change your email display name in Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo! Mail and more

Whenever you receive an email in your Gmail inbox, you don’t see the address associated with that account, but the sender’s name. The same thing happens when you send an email: your name appears in their inbox. It makes everything prettier and more personal, and it’s all thanks to the email display name setting. For […]


Man Who Built Products At Stripe, Twitter, Google And Yahoo Reveals How To Find The Elusive Product Market Fit

Product-to-market fit is an elusive concept for most startups, but Shreyas doshi achieved it for holders like Google, Twitter and Stripe Many times. Its secret is simple: make sure you try to solve a problem that is in the top three of the customer’s business priority list. Shreyas only recently stepped down as a product […]


An overview of Baidu’s industrial-scale GPU training architecture

Like its US counterpart, Google, Baidu has made significant investments to build robust, large-scale systems to support global ad programs. As one can imagine, AL / ML has played a central role in how these systems are built. Massive GPU-accelerated clusters on par with the world’s most powerful supercomputers are the norm and advancements in […]


How to create email aliases on Outlook, Yahoo Mail, and Gmail

The use of our email addresses everywhere cannot backfire on us all the time. That’s why email services like Outlook, Yahoo Mail, and Gmail offer the option of creating an alias so that you can easily manage newsletters and other signups without revealing your original ID. From 2020, the estimate the number of email users […]

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Brave Expands ‘Privacy-Driven’ Brave Search to Compete with Google and Microsoft Bing Search

Courageous Browsers have been popular for many years providing a privacy-focused browsing experience. The company is currently releasing a public beta of a search engine called BraveSearch, which hopes to take control of Google Search, the ultimate market leader. Search engines provide a similar experience to Google, allowing users to sort and display results such […]


Yahoo Mobile is shutting down, users are suggested to switch to visible

Yahoo Mobile, an MNVO (virtual mobile network operator) that uses Verizon’s network for its wireless services, is closing its doors. The mobile phone service provider will cease operations on August 31. However, your lines may end sooner depending on your monthly duty cycle. Yahoo informed its subscribers of the shutdown by email last week. According […]


The Verizon-backed Yahoo operator you forgot to exist is shutting down

Yahoo Mobile RIP: 2020-2021 Ah, Yahoo. How the mighty fell. It seems like it was only yesterday that you ruled the internet, handling mail, research and news for hundreds of millions of internet users around the world. But things have changed, and although the Yahoo brand has continued to live on, it is currently sold […]


Baidu vs Google: what’s the difference?

Baidu vs. Google: an overview While Google (GOOGL) maintains its place in the global internet search arena, Baidu, Inc., (BIDU) has the upper hand in China, with the country’s 72.37% market share as of May 2021.Google China, a subsidiary of Google, ranked fourth in the Chinese online search market, with a share of 1.95%. Google […]


Yahoo Mobile shuts down and tells people to switch to Visible

And nothing of value has been lost Yahoo Mobile, a mobile phone service that uses Verizon’s network, is shutting down, the service said on its official website. The service only launched in March of last year, meaning it barely lasted more than a year before it closed. For the (probably few) customers who continue to […]


Baidu uses BAIC to mass-produce electric vehicles

Tech giant Baidu is working with BAIC Motor Co. to build and deploy 1,000 fully electric crossovers as robotaxis over the next three years. The robotaxi will be developed on BAIC’s Arcfox-badged Alpha-T, a 5-seat mid-size electric crossover, Baidu said Thursday. The leading tech developer said its intelligent driving unit, Apollo, plans to serve a […]