Are Yahoo and Google Really Serious About Email Encryption?

Illustration: Elias Stein Last March Alex Stamos, then Yahoo’s chief information security officer showed up software prototyping to encrypt sensitive e-mail messages. The new tool, which Stamos said could be ready for deployment by early 2016, featured “end-to-end” encryption, meaning that even Yahoo itself wouldn’t be able to decrypt files. messages stored on its servers. […]

Microsoft bing

Quotient digital coupons now available through Microsoft Bing and MSN

Quotient, a digital media and promotional technology company, has a digital C as of today.Oupon on the home network is now also available to Microsoft Bing buyers. According to Quotient, this has brought more value to consumers, making it easier for them to access relevant coupons during the buying process. This integration allows consumers to […]

Google chrome

Google Chrome gets a major speed boost… thanks to Microsoft

Google Chrome is getting a new feature that could dramatically speed up the speed with which it displays new tabs and certain other pages, thanks to the work Microsoft is doing. The new “code caching” feature was revealed on the Chromium code commit by Microsoft and will use caching to speed up internal pages, such […]


How Yahoo is experimenting with platforms and partnerships to increase its audience

Yahoo is on a mission to build brand affinity across its portfolio by turning casual readers into fanatics willing to spend money with the media company. This strategy has led the company to experiment with new media and types of content, as well as innovative new partnerships, said Joanna Lambert, consumer manager at Yahoo. In […]


If you had invested $ 5,000 in Baidu in 2005, this is what you would have today

Baidu (NASDAQ: BIDU), the Chinese tech giant with the country’s largest search engine, went public in 2005. If you had invested $ 5,000 in its IPO, your stake would be worth around $ 330,500 today. Baidu’s gains have been impressive, but they were mostly made in the first ten years after its IPO. In the […]

Google chrome

The best browser for Linux, Windows, and Mac isn’t Google Chrome in 2021

Jack Wallen ultimately opted for a single default web browser on all platforms. Find out what he considers the best browser and why he made the switch. A few months ago, I finally left Opera as my default web browser in Linux. It was a tough sell because the Opera Workspaces feature was something I […]

Google chrome

Fix Google Chrome lagging and slowly opening on Windows 11/10

Google chrome has a huge share of the Windows browser market. He conquered the kingdom by being “Google” and created a kind of monopoly that is very difficult for any browser to break. But so far, its optimization on Windows has been the subject of much criticism. Users complain about its slow behavior, dropouts, and […]


Tech Talk: Tencent to challenge Baidu in research, but nobody cares

What would you do if you had a privatization party and no one came or cared about it? This is what is happening with the near-finalized takeover of Sogou by Tencent, which acquires the No. 2 search engine in China after becoming one of its controlling shareholders eight years ago. While such a title may […]


Baidu Knowledge Enhanced ERNIE 3.0 Pre-Training Framework Delivers SOTA NLP Results and Outperforms Human Performance on SuperGLUE Benchmark

Baidu released ERNIE 3.0, an enhanced language model pre-training framework that integrates both auto encoder networks and autoregressive networks. The new approach achieves cutting-edge results on Chinese and English language comprehension and generation tasks. Large-scale pre-trained language models have achieved impressive results in many natural language processing (NLP) tasks, with cutting-edge models like GPT-3 also […]