Kwai owner targets Baidu with video-centric search platform – the clare people

millions. In the last two months, the volume of searches has seen a monthly increase of 68%, with a focus on three categories in particular: luxury, virtual services and restaurants. From April to September, the average daily consumption of search services ads in Kuaishou increased 68%, while the company’s revenue doubled. Want to keep up […]

Microsoft bing

Google as the most searched word in Microsoft Bing! Search Engine Company Says Users Choose It Because They Want It

Google and Bing are currently among the top users’ choices for search engine services. However, Microsoft’s product still falls short of its giant competitor, as many consumers still prefer to use Google. (Photo: Photo by Sean Gallup / Getty Images)A visitor speaks into a smartphone as he stands next to the Google booth during the […]

Google chrome

Top 5 Ways to Remove Yahoo Search from Google Chrome

The search engine war is over. Google currently holds over 90% of the search engine market share. However, users are free to swipe with Bing, Yahoo, or DuckDuckGo from the company’s Google Chrome browser. If you keep getting redirected to Yahoo search on Google Chrome, it’s time to switch from Yahoo to Google once and […]


Impressive Gains in Online Backup Services Market Including Major Players Microsoft, Google, BaiDu – Bulk Solids Handling

Latest World Report Online Backup Services Market suggests a positive growth rate in the coming years. Analysts have studied the historical data and compared it to the current market scenario to determine the path this market will take in the years to come. The investigative approach taken to understand different aspects of the market aims […]


Baidu Launches World’s Largest Dialog Generation Model With 11 Billion Parameters

Earlier this week, Chinese internet giant Baidu released PLATO-XL, a pre-trained dialogue generation model with up to 11 billion parameters. It adopts the architecture of a unified transformer with high calculation and parameter efficiency. PLATO-XL performs a multi-stakeholder pre-training to better distinguish characteristic information in the conversation on social networks. As a result, it achieves […]

Google chrome

google: Google Chrome may look like Windows 11 design

Google would work on Chromium so that he looks familiar with the next one the Windows 11. Microsoft will release its latest operating system next week and the beta version of it is not available for months. One of the most notable changes in Windows 11 is that all context menus, popups and windows have […]

Microsoft bing

Microsoft Bing’s most searched word is “Google”, according to Alphabet

Source: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central Alphabet Inc. tried to push back an EU antitrust fine based on the claim the company pushed Google on Android users. It has also been argued that Google has deliberately tried to oust its relevance rivals. Such a rival? Microsoft Bing. “We have submitted evidence showing that by far […]


Yahoo appoints Media Tonic as official business partner in South Australia

Yahoo has appointed Media Tonic as its official business partner in South Australia. Last week, Yahoo Australia signed with Google to have its journalistic content featured on the Google News Showcase product on multiple Google services. The announcement: Yahoo has appointed Media Tonic, a company specializing in media and advertising representation, as its lead agency […]

Google chrome

Google Chrome will soon offer you Drive file suggestions when you open a new tab

Since Google Chrome is used by billions of people around the world, the browser is regularly updated with new features and improvements to meet the ever-changing needs of its user base. As recently as yesterday, we learned that Chrome likely has rounded corners to match the design language of Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 11 release. Now […]


Digital Advertising Market Size 2021 and Forecast to 2028

Sample download request Request a discount Company Profile Global Digital Advertising Market research report provides detailed analysis, market size growth rate by end user, revenue share of manufacturers, sales forecast by region. competitive landscape and recent development. With industry standard analytical accuracy and high data integrity, the report brilliantly attempts to unveil the major opportunities […]