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Google Chrome | How To Know When You Last Visited a Website | Tip | Training | Google | Applications | Smart phone | Technology | viral | Nnda | nnni

Google Chrome | How To Know When You Last Visited a Website | Tip | Training | Google | Applications | Smart phone | Technology | viral | Nnda | nnni | Information You usually visit several pages per day while browsing Google chrome, The world’s most used search engine, however, do you remember the […]


AMC, Tesla, GameStop topped Yahoo Finance’s Most Searched TTY in 2021

Yahoo Finance posted this video clip, titled “AMC, Tesla, GameStop topped Yahoo Finance’s Most Searched Tickers in 2021” – below is their description. #AMC #Tesla #GameStop Yahoo Finance’s Jared Blikre highlights the top ten most searched stock tickers for 2021 on Yahoo Finance and looks at their intraday and year-end trading. Yahoo Finance YouTube Channel […]


Chinese tech giant Baidu tests metaverse waters with new app

Baidu is joining brands such as Nike and Ferrari to experiment with metaverse projects. Chinese tech giant Baidu took its first steps into the metaverse industry on Monday with the launch of a virtual reality app, seeking to test the waters in what many see as the next phase of evolution. from the Internet. The […]

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Soon Google Chrome Dhamal?

If the version ‌ reaches 100… some sites are blocked‌ Washington, December 25: “What is the definition of Internet Explorer?” “.. ‘After installing Windows on a computer … Software that can be used to download Google Chrome‘ .. It’s a joke that has been alive in technology for the past two decades. But now the […]


Baidu says it could be 6 years before he can fully deliver his metaverse

On December 21, 2021, Baidu Vice President Ma Jie gives reporters in Beijing a preview of how the company’s metaverse app XiRang will host a developer conference. Baidu BEIJING – As the metaverse hype has swept the world this year, one of China’s gaming tech giants has revealed a version of the virtual ecosystem that […]

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[App Battle] Google Chrome vs Microsoft Edge vs Safari: which is the best browser so far?

With the departure of Internet Explorer in the world of browsing, users now have a different option for a web browser. The popular browser is expected to end its service on June 15, 2022, but don’t worry as there are still other alternatives for IE. Over the past few years, Google Chrome has been one […]

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Microsoft Bing Shopping with Buy Now Integration with Shopify and Ethical Purchasing

Microsoft Bing has announced the launch of its Shopify integration by authorizing a purchase now from Bing Shopping and Bing Search on the Shopify site where it is hosted. In addition, a few weeks ago it launched a new ethical shopping center in the UK, which is expected to expand beyond the UK. Didn’t Microsoft […]

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DuckDuckGo announces launch of privacy-focused browser to take on Google Chrome

DuckDuckGo works on a dedicated desktop browser for users who don’t want to be tracked while browsing the web. Desktop software will, by default, have “robust privacy protection” on its search engine, email, “and more,” according to a blog post. The browser will have the same “Fire” button to instantly clear the browsing history and […]

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Our first look at the new Google Chrome downloads UI on Windows

As we reported recently, Google has been working on a new download experience for Google Chrome which should be similar to Microsoft Edge. Chrome’s new downloads UI will replace the existing shelf-based downloads UI that appears at the bottom of the screen. Google’s Chromium code pledge recently confirmed the company’s plan to incorporate a new […]


Voice Assistant Application Market Expected To Experience Huge Growth By 2028 | Avaya, Baidu, Cisco

The global voice assistant application market is expected to grow at a significant CAGR of 24% by 2028. A voice assistant application is a virtual assistant or intelligent personal assistant platform that can perform tasks or services based on voice commands. Globally, the number of mobile subscribers has grown dramatically and end users are choosing […]