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5 features where Microsoft Bing Search beats Google

You’ve probably heard this a thousand times before, but let me say it once more: Google is the most popular search engine in the world. there is no doubt. On the contrary, you don’t need me to tell you how important Google is to satisfy your thirst for curiosity. Whether it’s a news event, sports coverage, or gossip about your not-so-favorite celebrities, Google is nothing less than a gateway to finding everything you need on the internet. in the blink of an eye.

Bing search features that set it apart

Well, Google isn’t the only search engine after all. There is Microsoft Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yandex, and many more. In fact, you can check out this interesting article on Search Engines To Consider If You No Longer Want To Use Google.

Speaking of alternatives to Google search, Microsoft Bing comes pretty close to being the perfect alternative to Google search and for a variety of reasons, of course. With my good understanding of Google and Microsoft Bing, I can finally say one thing. While comparing Google to Microsoft Bing is like comparing apples to oranges, there are some areas where Microsoft Bing does much better than Google. We’ll take a look:

1. Search engine captcha

When you search for results with the Microsoft search engine, you will never come across a captcha wall, which is a regular problem with Google search. This is one of the reasons why some people now prefer Microsoft Bing over Google. If you are a compulsive search engine user, you should be very careful about how often you ask Google for help. The reason is simple: Google doesn’t want to entertain bots on its search engine. So, if Google sees an abnormal amount of traffic coming from an IP address, the platform might assume that it is a bot.

You must have experienced how frustrating it is to keep proving to Google that you are not a bot. This is where Microsoft Bing saves users time and welcomes your excess searches with open arms. Don’t want to try?

2. Search for images by scrolling

Bing Image Search

Another area where Bing is more organized than Google is the experience of scrolling image search. Bing initially introduced horizontal image scrolling, something Google has already replicated in image search. But there are some differences. Google’s horizontal images open into a side panel, which takes up almost half of the screen space, allowing users to preview just five or six of those images without scrolling further down. The worst part about Google image search is that when you click on an image, it takes you to the web host’s website first. You then have to manually scroll down to plot where the image is located. This clearly defeats the purpose of image previews.

With Bing, on the other hand, finding good images takes a lot less effort. Bing’s horizontal scroll panel takes up the entire screen, which is more like a slideshow. You can quickly return to the thumbnail view by clicking the close button at the top. Once you click on an image, you will directly see a full-size image in a separate tab rather than having to visit the website first, unlike Google.

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3. Advanced video search

Search for Bing videos

Have you ever tried searching for videos with Bing? It’s time to try. Frankly, I was surprised at how well Bing has grown as a video search platform. All video search results are organized using neat thumbnails which can be scrolled by clicking on the preset stops below each image. To show the same number of videos with Google’s video search, you will have to scroll a lot more. However, the story does not end there.

You can directly play Bing videos in full screen mode without having to visit YouTube, Facebook, or any website hosting that particular video.
This is now a major problem when it comes to Google’s video search. Unlike Bing, Google will always direct you to YouTube or other sites to watch the videos. Bing videos also perform better on Google videos search. It’s at least as good as YouTube in terms of algorithmic suggestions.
Once you start using Bing to find videos, you don’t even have to visit YouTube (unless you want to read the comments, of course).

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4. Bookmark your Bing search queries

Bing my backups

Being able to bookmark search queries on Bing is a whole new experience that few people realize. Bing clearly displays an option called My Backups, which allows you to save all search results in one place. Once you’ve saved your interests, you’ll come across search suggestions on the topics of your choice. Once you start using Bing’s “My Backups” option, you might want to say goodbye to saving bookmarks or favorites.

5. More privacy options

Bing allows you to turn off interest-based advertising completely from the other privacy settings menu. Although it is well connected with Windows Skype Xbox and Office, you have a clear choice not to use your Microsoft account. As a user, you also have full control over your privacy. Unlike Google, Microsoft does not use content-based targeting where your emails, chats, files, and other personal items are not tracked for advertising. Moreover, you can also delete the entire search history.

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Microsoft Bing vs. Google