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After Google Chrome, only one other internet browser now has 1 billion users

The battle of internet browsers is on! According to new data, only two Internet browsers in the world have more than one billion users. While Google’s hugely successful Chrome was meant to make the list, we didn’t think Apple’s Safari browser would be the only other browser with over a billion users.

A new analysis by Atlas VPN showed that Safari has over 1 billion users, while Google Chrome has over 3.3 billion users.. This is particularly impressive for Safari, an Apple-only browser that can’t be accessed on either Android or Windows.


Internet browsers most used by users

The six most used Internet browsers in the world are – Chrome (3,378,967,819 users), Safari (1,006,232,879), Microsoft Edge (212,695,363), followed by Firefox (179,084,244 users), Samsung Internet (149 674,515) and Opera (108,710,963).

According to Atlas VPN, Edge took over Firefox in the last year with 212 million users. It’s no surprise that Chrome is leading this race, having appeared out of nowhere and dethroned Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. In fact, Microsoft’s new browser, Edge, is built on Google’s Chromium.

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As for Apple’s Safari, the company offered the browser for Windows a long time ago. In 2010, the company decided to discontinue Safari for Windows. The main share of Safari users could come from the fact that it is the default browser for many iOS device users.

After Google Chrome, only one other internet browser now has 1 billion users
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How were the numbers calculated? “Stats are based on GlobalStats browser market share percentage, which was then converted to numbers using Internet World Stats Internet User Metrics to retrieve exact numbers,” Atlas VPN wrote in a blog post.

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