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Bing becomes Microsoft Bing, announces new reward system

In a major branding overhaul, the Bing search engine is now officially known as Microsoft Bing, as expected. The rebranding is part of Microsoft’s bigger push to expand its Google search alternative.

While Microsoft hasn’t explained much why it added the company name to the Bing brand, it’s pretty obvious that the company wants to redefine the identity of the Bing brand.

Bing becomes Microsoft Bing

The Redmond-based company was busy experimenting with the new branding for several weeks before its public rollout. Although the Microsoft Bing logo is on the homepage, the rebranding is also an updated Bing logo.

For now, Microsoft will use two logos, one with the updated design and one to denote the “Microsoft Bing” brand.

It won’t drastically change the way you can use Bing. However, you can expect the overall search engine experience to improve dramatically.

There are ways that Microsoft has integrated the Bing experience into different products and services like Edge, Windows 10 taskbar, etc.

“Beyond our commitment to expanding search scenarios, we also believe that you can and should get more out of the research you do every day,” said Jordi Ribas, CVP, Microsoft Bing Engineering.

Microsoft expands the “Give with Bing” initiative

As part of Microsoft Rewards, the Give with Bing will allow you to earn points simply by performing a search on Microsoft Bing. Users can choose to donate points to causes they care about.

“We’re also excited to announce the extension of Give with Bing, which helps you make a difference just by looking – no need to open your wallet! “

Lately, Bing has focused on improving the overall quality of search results using artificial intelligence (AI). Microsoft also recently extended Bing’s smart Q&A to more than 100 languages. Recently, Microsoft also extended Bing’s voice search option to the desktop site.

We checked it out and found that Microsoft Bing is improving day by day! Switch to Bing for a week and see how you like it.

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