Microsoft bing

Bing officially becomes “Microsoft Bing”

Bing is now known as “Microsoft Bing” after rolling out several changes including new colors and a new logo.

New Microsoft Bing logo

Here’s a look at the updated homepage, which interestingly features the Microsoft logo, not the new Bing logo.

Bing officially becomes Updated home page

All branding is subjective, but I find the updated logo and colors to be quite pleasing to the eye. Especially compared to the old blocky logo.


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Microsoft’s color choices have always been questionable (remember the Zune?), Although I’d say the blue gradient in the new Bing logo is a welcome change of pace.

Here is an example of the new logo used on social media where you can see how warm and inviting it is:


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In a blog post where the brand update makes its first appearance, the company states:

“That’s why starting today, you’ll see a product shift to Microsoft Bing, which reflects the continued integration of our search experiences across the Microsoft family. “

Explaining its decision to add the name of the parent company to Bing’s branding, Microsoft points out that many of its products are powered by Bing.

Some of these products include:

  • InPrivate Search with Microsoft Edge
  • Windows taskbar searches
  • Job search scenarios with Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator
  • And more

Bing is deeply integrated with Microsoft products and this is now reflected in the new name “Microsoft Bing”.

Branding appears to be implemented inconsistently so far. The search engine is still referred to as simply “Bing” in some places on the web, and the logo has not yet been updated everywhere.

Many expected this change to be on the horizon when “Bing Ads” was changed to “Microsoft Ads” last year.

This is arguably a missed opportunity to rename “Microsoft Search” as the company appears to want to keep the “Bing” name for the foreseeable future.