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China Microsoft Bing Censorship Experienced by North America, Says It’s Already Fixed

Microsoft’s Bing has Chinese censorship that focuses on region-based observation that would block certain political keywords from appearing in searches through its engine. It should only be available in China, as it focuses on its censorship laws to make the service work in the country. However, reports indicate that North American users experience it even when they are not in the region.

The software company admitted that the censorship appeared some time outside of China, but claims to have already fixed it.

Chinese censorship of Microsoft Bing: North America experiences it

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According to a report by Citizen Lab Canada, regions in North America like Canada and the United States are experiencing censorship that they should not observe in their regions. These are the Chinese political censors that China has on their country, imposed on the search engines that are available to operate on the nation.

While Google, Twitter, and Facebook are not available in China due to its laws and firewalls that prevent direct access to them, Microsoft’s Bing enjoys its freedom and use in the country. However, it seems that the company has extended its paperwork outside of the Asian country and has reached North American users who are looking for China policy.

Users reported that they were unable to access Chinese information that should have been freely available to them because they are not in the region. Citizen Lab said Microsoft restricted free speech and access to it in this incident.

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Microsoft says Bing has already fixed its search engine censors

Microsoft told the Wall Street Journal that it recognizes the problem and has already worked on Bing to fix its censorship and regional restrictions on its search engine. Microsoft said it was already fixed and that the company thanks Citizen Lab for acknowledging the issue and reporting it to the company for a fix.

Microsoft Bing: is it a reliable search engine?

Search engines are a place on the internet that would provide users with a wide range of results and help them find what they are looking for, focusing on those with trusted sources and legitimate websites. Google is one of the best search engines in the world and focuses on the top sources that would appear on its homepage.

However, there is one competitor from another Big Tech company that is focused on bringing another face of the internet to all of its users, and that is with Microsoft and the Bing platform. In Australia, the country wants to remove Google from its region and focus on other search engines that Internet users will use for their needs, and Bing presents itself as the alternative.

There are also startups that promise more protection and privacy over regular search engines, and that’s the case with DuckDuckGo and others.

Now it’s Microsoft’s Bing that is being criticized for the problems users are having on its platform, especially as its Chinese censorship has made itself felt outside the region, reaching as far as North America. There are limited censorship laws in the US region compared to China which are strict on its web searching, and that is what bothers users.

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