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Google Chrome will make it easier for users to disable tabs

Have you ever loaded a website and a video or audio clip starts playing right away? It can be very boring and in some cases shocking because you don’t always expect it. It would be nice if some websites could automatically turn off their videos or audios and give users the option to turn on sound.

That’s why Google introduced a feature that allows users to turn off tabs in Chrome. The good news is, if you find the current method a bit clunky, you might be interested to learn that Google may soon be making this process a lot easier. This is according to a discovery on Reddit in which they shared that a new patch had been uploaded to Chromium Gerrit.

According to this update, Chrome may soon allow users to turn off tabs by simply clicking the speaker icon on the tab. This icon is used to indicate that a website has audio playback. The funny thing about this is that Google had made this feature available before, but for some reason removed it.

Right now, users who want to turn off Chrome tabs have to right-click on the tab and click “Mute Site”, which as we said is a little awkward. Being able to click on the icon to turn it off is much faster. In fact, browsers like Microsoft Edge already offer similar functionality, so we don’t know why Google removed it in the first place. Either way, it’s good news that it looks like it could return, although the exact timing isn’t clear.

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