Kwai owner targets Baidu with video-centric search platform – the clare people

millions. In the last two months, the volume of searches has seen a monthly increase of 68%, with a focus on three categories in particular: luxury, virtual services and restaurants. From April to September, the average daily consumption of search services ads in Kuaishou increased 68%, while the company’s revenue doubled.

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What explains this sudden and unexpected success?

Part of this success is due to the differentiated form of approach used by the company, which encourages active user participation, encourages diverse content, and focuses on social attributes. The idea is that the people themselves produce the search engine through the correspondence between questions and answers.

The company decided to promote a program of creators focused in particular on finance, economy, high technology, automotive knowledge and agriculture. The idea was to bring together people recognized in different areas of knowledge of the company to produce quality content answering very specific questions.

It is a template already designed by Baidu Know to enrich the knowledge base of research information with the promotion of questions and answers, in the best Yahoo Answers style. The difference here is the emphasis on videos, which makes Kuaishou a unique mechanic.

Find videos

The idea now is to try to increase the impact of short videos on this sum, which has already grown by 36.7% last month. This format should help change the search behavior from the traditional text and website model to something aimed at the audiovisual industry. According to the company, people are used to the passivity of the content delivery algorithm today, but that shouldn’t last long.

The survey focuses on the Kwai video shorts (Image: Reproduction / 71KR)

The researcher must then propose methodologies allowing the user to find the short video of his choice, not only by searching for the username in a social network, but by describing it in a localization tool. A survey conducted by Aurora Mobile found that 68.7% of users search through short video platforms, behind only 68.5% who use independent search platforms such as Google and Bing, to do their searches.

ByteDance, owner of TikTok, also has plans in the area of ​​content search, with in-app search and independent web search. The company has invested in a Chinese platform similar to Wikipedia, in order to confront Baidu on the subject of Internet research.

With increasingly busy lives, people prefer to waste 31 seconds on a video faster than five minutes on a website or blog while reading. It is in this phenomenon that Kuaishou Search is counting on the creation of a huge “videopedia”. If it works in China, it is likely that “researcher Kwai” will land in other parts of the world, otherwise the solution is to be content with Google, which recently announced its intention to publish the short videos in the results.

Source: 68KR

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