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Microsoft Bing Shopping with Buy Now Integration with Shopify and Ethical Purchasing

Microsoft Bing has announced the launch of its Shopify integration by authorizing a purchase now from Bing Shopping and Bing Search on the Shopify site where it is hosted. In addition, a few weeks ago it launched a new ethical shopping center in the UK, which is expected to expand beyond the UK.

Didn’t Microsoft Bing just announce a partnership with Shopify? Yes they did, but now it’s live where if you click Buy Now it will bypass the steps and immediately add the product and your experience to the cart checkout stream on that site. Here’s a GIF in action:

Shopify is also integrated with the Shopping vertical on Microsoft Bing, and when you search for products, you will find the wide selection, as well as the “Buy Now” button to easily complete your purchases.

Bing also announced “Shopping with a Purpose”, with a Bing Ethical Shopping hub, currently accessible in the UK only. This provides consumers and researchers with categories such as eco-friendly, recycled, or fair-trade fashion. Shoppers can also choose to browse ethical fashion brands or products, trends and featured items, or even grab the latest headlines on smart fashion choices and other planet-friendly hot topics, all on one convenient page.

Here’s Microsoft’s Jordi Ribas tweeting about it:

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