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Soon Google Chrome Dhamal?

If the version ‌ reaches 100… some sites are blocked‌

Washington, December 25: “What is the definition of Internet Explorer?” “.. ‘After installing Windows on a computer … Software that can be used to download Google Chrome‘ .. It’s a joke that has been alive in technology for the past two decades. But now the situation in Google Chrome will become insurmountable. This was first revealed by Forbes. Recently, Google confirmed this on its Chromiumbug tracking blog. It issued warnings to its 200 million million Chrome users. He said that some websites may soon be completely blocked in his browser. He believes that there can be no solution to the uncertainty that awaits him.

What’s the problem?

Google Chrome version 96 is currently available. Version 97 will arrive in a month. The 100th version will arrive in three months. According to Forbes, Chrome’s countdown to the 100th edition is in jeopardy. For example, in the US web development platform (CMS) called ‘Doubt’, the browser version check may be duplicated. If the Chrome version reaches 100… a three-digit number will not be possible. I mean… the problem with the current Y2K model is Annamata. If Duda takes the first two digits of 100 into account, it will be 10. But this CMS is already blocking versions on Chrome 40. That said, not all websites built on the Dude platform will work on later versions of Chrome -100. Experts say CMS like WordPress and PHP may not be a problem. However, details of any websites that may have problems are being investigated. Due to this issue, Chrome users are likely to opt for browsers like Firefox and Microsoft Edge. However, Google sources said they were looking for alternatives to address the issue on three fronts.

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