Microsoft bing

The latest Windows 11 update really wants you to use Microsoft Bing

Microsoft just released the latest Windows 11 update for development testers, and Insider Preview Build 25120 looks like what you’d probably expect with bug fixes and performance improvements. However, in the middle of the otherwise pedestrian changelog is the addition of a new widget that attempts to further bridge the gap between your gaming PC and the punching bag of everyone’s favorite search engine: Bing.

In a blog post, Microsoft says it’s investigating “lightweight interactive content” for its operating system, with Windows 11’s first update bringing a Bing-powered search box that lets you search the web without have to open your browser. For those who can’t stand anything getting in the way of their beautifully organized wallpaper (like me), you’ll be happy to know that it can be toggled at will.

Here’s hoping Microsoft is benevolent enough to allow users to customize the search engine that powers this widget, whether you prefer Google or other varieties.

Just as Windows 11 acts as a general-purpose operating system, it’s actually more popular on gaming PCs than standard desktops. While that’s at least partly down to people wanting to get the best graphics cards through new pre-built systems that come with the pre-installed OS, gaming features like DirectStorage and Auto HDR might tempt users away. of Windows 10.