Yahoo wants to stay on top of the evolving adtech scene

Doritos products have always been a staple in the snack market in the Philippines and the brand was looking to broaden its appeal. At the top of the list, Doritos wanted to engage the next generation of consumers. When the pandemic hit, Filipinos were forced into a long lockdown which eventually led to an increase in online activities as people face the difficulty of entertaining themselves while locked at home. As the attention of online audiences became increasingly difficult to capture, Doritos realized they needed an advertising campaign that would cut through the noise and reach people in new and fresh ways to create excitement and drive engagement.

Doritos decided to work with Yahoo to launch the “Doritos AR Quest” campaign, impressing the judges and winning gold medals for Excellence in Advertising, Excellence in Experiential Marketing, Excellence in Interactive/AR Marketing & VR, Excellence in Marketing Innovation, Excellence in Performance Marketing and Bronze Award for Excellence in Gamification at INTERACTIVE-MARKETING‘s Marketing Excellence Awards Philippines 2021.

Liu Meng Lye, chief commercial officer of Yahoo, said INTERACTIVE-MARKETING that omnichannel campaigns and emerging channels such as DOOH become more relevant in markets like the Philippines. He also talked about how he plans to stay on top of the evolving adtech scene.

This interview was conducted as part of the MARKETING-INTERACTIVE Winners and Finalists Interview Series for the Marketing Excellence Awards Philippines 2021. Read more about the awards here.

MARKETING-INTERACTIVE: What changes have you noticed in the marketing space and how are you helping brands leverage them?

Liu: Today’s consumers are on the move. They are moving outward, but still maintain an online-first habit and are comfortable living most of their lives online. Although they often commute between home, work, the store and all points in between, having their devices close at hand and capturing their attention in a meaningful way wherever they are can be difficult for specialists marketing. With so much fragmentation and so many distractions, it takes an omnichannel approach to deliver your message to consumers across multiple touchpoints seamlessly in their daily journey.

As consumer behavior continues to evolve, we help brands leverage hybrid experiences and orchestrate campaigns across their consumers’ journey to purchase, targeting audiences wherever they are and wherever they are. no matter what device they are on. Omnichannel campaigns and emerging channels such as DOOH are becoming increasingly relevant.

With its omnichannel design, Yahoo’s unified full advertising technology stack provides a comprehensive suite of solutions that help marketers unlock diverse opportunities with omnichannel campaigns and get the most value from their spend. By having the best targeting, audience insights and measurement, backed by consent-based first-party data, across different channels, all within one platform, we help brands to shape consumer experiences throughout the funnel while scaling with precision.

MARKETING-INTERACTIVE: Can you share with us a glimpse of today’s consumers that particularly struck you?

Liu: We’ve seen a massive wave of digitalization across Southeast Asia in the new normal – 40 million internet users went online for the first time in the region in 2021, according to Google’s report, Bain & Company and Temasek. Meanwhile, e-commerce spending has grown exponentially in SEA, valued at US$120 billion in 2021, and is expected to see even greater growth in 2025 to US$234 billion. It was an exciting development, and at Yahoo we were focused on helping brands and agencies ride the wave, capitalize on this trend, and create value in this space.

A Yahoo survey found that 88% of consumers said they saw benefits from personalized ads, listing qualities such as usefulness and relevance as the top benefits.

It comes down to the right tactical strategy – reaching the right people in the right place at the right time with the right message supercharged by Yahoo’s suite of adtech solutions. A synergistic mix of various tools and formats can achieve highly profitable and impactful campaigns with impressive conversion metrics.

MARKETING-INTERACTIVE: What developments for Yahoo in 2022?

Liu: In 2022, we are committed to helping brands fully connect with their audience, understand their uniqueness, and create more meaningful engagement through the right mix of channels and platforms. We focus on creating more effective brand storytelling by going beyond the broadest scope and diving deeper into nuanced profiles to find agreement. We are always guided by our mantra, “people first, partnership-focused and performance-driven”, as evidenced by the exciting bonds and working relationships we have forged this year that strengthen the advertising platform. complete unified Yahoo so we can continue to stay one step ahead.

We are already seeing strong momentum in 2022. Recently, we partnered with Marriott International on their Marriott Media Network, a cross-platform, multi-channel advertising solution, enabling brand advertisers to deliver personalized and engaging experiences to Marriott audiences. The network will offer premium inventory spanning Marriott-owned channels, including display, mobile, video, email and digital outdoor (in-room TV and digital screens). The partnership spans supply and demand with Yahoo SSP as the exclusive access point and Yahoo’s global sales team driving demand generation and sales, leveraging Yahoo DSP.

This exclusive offering is just one of Yahoo’s comprehensive strategic collaborations that underscore our ability to help advertisers and publishers unlock the full value of their content, audiences and marketing.

We also recently announced our global partnership with Hivestack, integrating Yahoo’s omnichannel DSP into the Hivestack SSP. The strategic partnership will bring together our cutting-edge technologies and enable cross-channel premium programmatic DOOH media campaigns on a global scale.

Additionally, through a successful partnership with Near in Australia and New Zealand, the leading privacy-based intelligence platform, we have extended this collaboration across APAC to boost omnichannel campaigns and bridge the gap. between online and offline targeting.

INTERACTIVE-MARKETING: Tell us a bit about the direction in which you are taking your plans with client/agency campaigns this year.

Liu: We’ve seen the immense potential of omnichannel campaigns to capture audiences who are beginning to return to some semblance of pre-pandemic life, as they learn to live with the digital-first habits they’ve adopted over the past few years. past two years while interacting. with the outside world.

There is a growing demand for hybrid and holistic touchpoints so brands can meaningfully connect with their consumers, and Yahoo is poised to further grow its DOOH presence and inventory in the region in 2022. While holistic omnichannel campaigns continue to be at the forefront, we expect pDOOH to be a growing avenue, used as part of larger omnichannel or mixed campaigns, to connect with consumers throughout the conversion journey, with end-to-end solutions addressing a multitude of emerging needs and demands.

As the cookie-free race draws even closer, brands will need to find privacy-centric solutions to perfectly speak to their audience, whether or not an identifier is present. Yahoo’s suite of secure privacy and identity-enhancing solutions includes Yahoo ConnectID which leverages first-party data from Yahoo’s extensive user database across our owned and operated platforms; and Next-Gen Solutions, which leverages Yahoo ConnectID and leverages real-time signals beyond content to deliver relevant, real-time, privacy-friendly advertising experiences.

INTERACTIVE-MARKETING: As the ad-tech industry changes rapidly, how is Yahoo helping customers and marketers keep up with these changes?

Liu: The only constant is change. Beyond preparing for the omnichannel and cookieless future, we’re also committed to helping marketers adapt faster to the changing digital advertising landscape. Through our Yahoo Academy Learning Center, an on-demand learning platform, marketers can gain knowledge to advance their careers as digital marketers and build their confidence to make buying decisions more enlightened omnichannels. To keep up with the latest emerging and thriving channels, we recently made available a short 30-minute course that helps marketers discover the benefits of advanced TV and its growing value. We see this as a win-win situation for us, as we put people first, both our own staff and those we work with, and partner with them to ensure they achieve the performance that they wish. It’s about making good campaigns great.

Our recently concluded Yahoo APAC Growth Summit also helps our partners and the industry create the sparks and inspirations they need to win in our rapidly changing industry. It’s just one of the touchpoints we update the industry on Yahoo’s latest developments and product innovations that will set the stage for the future.

The fast-paced world of ad tech can be daunting to many, and we’re constantly striving to make these difficult topics simple, accessible, and understandable for everyone. We also recognize that it’s hard to be an expert at everything, so we build simple solutions that fuel bold ambitions – powered by our unified advertising technology stack. Our belief is simple, when we help our partners and customers win, we win.

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